TENTS and TARPS | Ex-Royal Marine & Bushcraft Instructor’s Guide to Shelters – TARPOLOGY 2021

TARPOLOGY || A closer look at some of the current options on the market with the aim of helping you at home make some more informed decisions on the type of shelter you may need on your adventures.

Where to buy…
1 person “coffin” tent: https://geni.us/HgmrRs
Two person pop up “festival” tent: https://geni.us/Lio9
DD Hammocks XL Tarp: https://geni.us/NxI9
Poncho/Basha: https://geni.us/E3tk
Diamond tarps can be hard to come by but something like DD Hammocks 3mx3m tarp also works really well: https://geni.us/Hb5z

Tarp how to pitch
Tarp how to use
Tarp when hiking
Who sells tarp
Why tarp was necessary
What tarp for camping
Are tarp waterproof
Which tarp is best
Which tarp should I buy
Which tarp tent to buy
Which tarp tent

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